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to-do classes. The only observable principle
seems to be widows and children first. Socialisa-
tion is being effected in Britain and America
alike not by frank expropriation (with or without
compensation) but by increasing government
control and increasing taxation. Both our great
communities are going into socialism backward
and without ever looking round. This is good
in so far as that technical experience and directive
ability is changed over step by step from entirely
private employment to public service, and on
that side sane and helpful citizens have little to
do beyond making the process conscious of itself
and the public aware of the real nature of the
change, but it is bad in its indiscriminate destruc-
tion of savings, which are the most exposed and
vulnerable side of the old system. They are
expropriated by profit-control and taxation alike,
and at the same time they suffer in purchasing
power by the acceleration of that process of
monetary inflation which is the unavoidable
readjustment, the petition in bankruptcy, of a
community that has overspent.
The shareholding class dwindles and dies ;
widows and orphans, the old who are past work
and the infirm who are incapable of it, are
exposed in their declining years to a painful
shrinkage of their modes of living ; there is no